Cookie Policy for Wellcome Collection


Like most other organisations, the Wellcome Trust uses cookies on its websites. This page is designed to provide you with information about what cookies are, how they are used by the Wellcome Trust and how you can control cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website which identify your computer to the server. Cookies do not identify the individual user, just the computer used.

Cookies provide information to the website owner and some are essential to allow parts of the website to operate.

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How do we use cookies?

The Wellcome Trust uses cookies to gather non-personal statistical information about visitors to our sites, such as the number of visits to pages, the amount of time spent viewing a page, the path taken by visitors to a particular page and other general information. We use this information to improve and help manage our websites and your visitor experience. These cookies may be used to collect analytics of non-personal visitor activity outlines, manage user logins and personal preferences, provide relevant or timely information to you or offer focused advertisements. Cookies enable our server to remember you are the same person as you move through a survey.

When you log into our sites, your computer will automatically be issued with a cookie.

To ensure you are fully informed about the cookies we are using, our sites are currently being independently audited by Cookie Reports Limited and this section will be updated following completion of the audit.

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How you can control cookies

You have the opportunity to set your computer to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued or to choose not to receive cookies at any time. The last of these options may limit the sites’ operation and prevent you from accessing all functions/services of our sites.

Cookies set across our sites, by our 3rd party partners or us, can be in the form of session or persistent cookies, and may use different technologies, such as JavaScript or Flash. If you would like to disable the cookies set by our site, this can be accomplished on a cookie-by-cookie basis subject to browser settings.

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Further information

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If you would like further information about the Wellcome Trust’s use of cookies please email

Cookies for Wellcome Collection

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Use of Flash

Across our website we may make use of flash files which present information, allow integration with third parties (such as YouTube) and can offer a richer online experience. We have strived to identify any Flash elements that are likely to set cookies but, at this point in time, we cannot guarantee the status of every Flash file. Adobe offers a tool to monitor, prevent and remove ‘flash cookies’ – more information is available from Adobe.