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Necessary cookies - 11 found

These cookies are crucial to the operation of this Nordea website. These cookies are for instance needed for security and for supporting functionality such as remembering the visitor’s preferences (that is, language or currency) to ensure that this Nordea site performs as intended.

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These cookies are used to collect aggregated visit behaviour on this Nordea website. These cookies enable us to optimise Nordea’s websites based on how visitors use Nordea’s services, for instance which pages visitors go to most often or which products most visitors engage with. The companies setting these cookies have data processing and contractual agreements in place with Nordea.

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Marketing, anonymous cross site tracking cookies - 14 found

These cookies are used to enable functionality from third parties, such as video players, podcasts and social media features. In addition, these cookies enable Nordea to present tailored advertising in third party media.

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