Visa Cookies

Why we use cookies

We use cookies for different reasons, including to maintain security, improve your overall site experience, measure your visits to our sites, and enable Visa marketing activities. In all of our interactions, we aim to be transparent about the cookies we use and to make it easy for you to control them.

What are cookies?

Cookies (and similar technologies) are a common feature used on almost all websites. A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto a device to allow a website to recognise it and to store some information about your preferences.

How you can control cookies

When you visit our sites, you will see a cookie banner that allows you to review and update cookie preferences. This is conditional on JavaScript being enabled and no extensions having been installed blocking the display. In the cookie preferences tool, you will be able to control cookies.

The banner will reappear periodically after you accept cookies.

You can also control your cookies on most popular browsers using browser settings. More information on how to do this is available here: or

Cookies on our sites

Our cookies are sorted into four purpose categories. These are:

More information about the specific cookies we use and their purpose is shown below. If you wish to use the preference tool to update your preferences please return to our website with JavaScript enabled.

Strictly necessary

These technologies are necessary for the underlying operation of the site or app or to display or enable functionality you have requested.

Name of cookieExpiry periodPurposeCompany

Site experience

These technologies are used to support your experience and include user-selected options and site navigation aids.

Performance and operation

These technologies are used in the management of a site or app, including to record visitor numbers and identify issues users are experiencing.

Name of cookieExpiry periodPurposeCompany

Marketing, personalization and advertising

These technologies gather information about your browsing. We also work with advertising partners to serve you personalized ads online. For information on our marketing and advertising activities visit our Global Privacy Center